Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024): FEBRUARY 2024

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The Media Scientific Nutrition Indonesia, known as MGII (Media Gizi Ilmiah Indonesia), serves as a publication platform presenting various types of research and literature reviews across diverse fields of nutritional science. With a biannual frequency of publication, MGII has become a significant venue for researchers and academics to disseminate research findings and literature analyses within the scope of Clinical Nutrition, Molecular Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Institutional Nutrition, Food Technology, Functional Foods, Food Service Management, and Nutrition in Disasters.

The latest edition released in February features a range of relevant and varied titles. We proudly present high-quality articles that delve into various important aspects of nutritional science. We hope this publication can make a valuable contribution to the advancement of nutritional science and broaden insights in efforts to enhance public health and welfare. Thank you for your attention and support for MGII.

We hope that this edition of the MGII journal not only provides new insights but also encourages further discussion and tangible actions in the fields of nutrition and health. MGII serves as a platform that promotes the development of a culture of writing and effective scientific communication, thus attracting readers' interest to engage in scholarly endeavors.

We express our gratitude to all authors, reviewers, editors, and contributors who have contributed to producing this valuable content. MGII remains committed to presenting current, relevant, and diverse issues in the field of nutrition. May the articles published in MGII provide benefits and enrich the knowledge of our readers.

Published: 2024-02-15

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